kutipan motivasi seorang Ph.D.

If you are self-motivated and enjoy teaching and learning, there is no better career! My Ph.D. program experience was the most challenging, yet enjoyable and rewarding, academic experience of my life, because I like to learn. Having worked in “industry”, they couldn’t pay enough to go back. I metaphorically pinch myself everyday I wake up to realize I am living my idealized life. Nothing is more professionally fulfilling to me than to help students learn, to build the Kingdom, and to create new knowledge in Information Systems. I have no regrets, and I am absolutely thrilled with my new career. But that does not mean this career is for everyone. This is one of the few careers where you are truly your own boss (unlike entrepreneurs who are continually hounded by their clients and customers). We don’t have managers in academia, and it is up to you whether you are going to publish or be a good teacher. It is up to you whether you are going to take four months off in the summer, or actually do some work of your choosing. Some people cannot handle such freedom. Thus, do not enter this career for the high salaries or time off in the summer. Enter for love of learning (research) and service (teaching students). If you don’t care for at least one of these you will not be very happy. Enjoying both is better. –Dr. Paul Benjamin Lowry, Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Iseng-iseng saya googling dan memasukan keywords “quotes about phd” dan saya mendapatkan salah satu kutipan di atas. Kutipan di atas sangat filosofis. Tidak hanya memberikan semangat dan motivasi namun juga memberikan wawasan mengenai kehidupan menjadi seorang Ph.D (S3).

Yang membuat wawasan saya bertambah yaitu beliau membandingkan menjadi seorang Ph.D dan wiraswasta (entrepreneurs), dimana menjadi seorang Ph.D benar-benar menjadi bos bagi diri sendiri sementara wiraswasta bergantung pada klien dan customer. Bergantung pada pasar.

Luar biasa. Thanks for the motivation.

– be blessed –



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